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Daily Archives: Feb 1, 2012 17:47

News Letter

Have been started thinking about the news letter for HamSphere.

Lots of new stuff this month such as the new QSL Transfer system and the QSL editor. We also have this blog system and almost 4000 subscribers coming up.

I’ll write something up and bounce with Vic VE3JAR who is a great help in this process. Last New Letter was sent as a link and I think that was smart. People hate big chunks of texts. Big blobs of text is just looking like SPAM even though it isn’t. And the reponse rate on the linked news letter was a lot higher, so I’ll probably go with the linked NL.




Spring in Cyprus

Today has been wonderful. Temperature around 15C and rising. The latest rainfalls have made everything so green and vivid.

This is a view I just took with my iPhone from the balcony. It is facing the south west mediterranean and Thremithousa / Paphos. The satellit-dish is 2.7 meters and is used for reception of the Swedish satellite Sirius on 4.8 East.

You can also see my vertical Ham Radio antenna 14AVQ from Hy-Gain.

Linux testing

I have been experimenting with the latest Fedora core as I wanted a server in my shack. It turns out that HamSphere works great in Linux. I had to change the driver from PulseAudio to normal audio to make it work, but apart from that it worked right out of the box.

Have a look at this picture. I have also experimented with a node in the GlobalTuners network (Formerly my old baby DX-Tuners)

This picture shows my PCR1500 connected to the linux, running Globaltuner node “Middle East”



iPhone / iPad work

Finally, we are back on the iMac. Have installed the latest Xcode 4.2 and HamSphere IS compiling – yippiee!!!


Half Marathon

8th of March 2011 is the Paphos Marathon and 18th of March is the Limassol Marathon here in Cyprus.

I have registered and signed up for both. I will probably only run one of them depending on my shape. And I will only run the half marathon = 21km.

This is my latest long run of 15km, I made it in 1.27.31, not very fast I know, but I took it very easy and kept Heart reat below 180. This data is collected with my Garmin 611 GPS running watch.

Unfortunately the latest shitty WX here in Cyprus makes it difficult for my training, but I will try to do 10km tomorrow again.


My QSO activity on HamSphere

I miss the QSO’s on HamSphere. I need to dedicate some time for that. Unfortunately with all this software development, the only free leisure time I get is with my family. But I promise to be more active on the band. Last time I was QRV I activated the HamSPhere 15 meter band and that was to my surprice very quiet and quite QSB-ish. You will see, either you will find me on 40 meters or 15…Until then… 73 es GM Kelly

QSL Management system

I am really thankful for the massive reponse the new QSL management system on HamSphere has gotten. Currently you have sent slightly over 5000 QSL cards to stations all over the world. Thank you for using the QSL system.


Thanks Geert 13HS575

Geert 13HS575 in Germany has contributed with this instruction video for the HamSphere QSL editor. Great Job Geert. Thanks a million.


Doing some testing

The HamSphere.net Blogs is soon ready to launch. Doing some last minute tests´. It will be available to HamSphere subscribers.

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