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HamSphere on Android

I have finally ordered the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. It brings an entirely new look and feel to Android. Simple layouts with subtle animations and delightful flourishes make everything feel alive.

As soon as I get it I will start porting the HamSphere Java app to it. I’ll keep u posted.





7 Responses to HamSphere on Android

  • 2hs2842 says:

    Looking forward to the Android version of HamSphere.. Would you be needing beta testers? Let me know.. 73′s, 2HS2842.

  • 5b4ait says:

    Yes, we definitely need beta testers. I am all excited about this phone. I bet the app for the android will work a lot better than the current iPhone app.

    • n2adi says:

      Count me in as well, would love to beta test either app if needed. I look forward to operating Hamsphere while on the Subway upper deck here in the big apply :-) .

  • aa5dk says:

    Thank you Mr. Kelly for all that you do. Having HamSphere on my Android cell phone means when I’m out on the road working I will be able to get on the net work, its going to be great.
    Thank you again

  • 19hs1055 says:

    I like also to want help with test it, i mean like a beta tester to try and test is on my android mobile and it’s a Sony Ericsson Xperia mini with android 2.1.
    Thanks for it Kelly

    Regards and 73 to you and you’re family

    Ap (19HS1055)

  • 19hs1055 says:

    Hello Kelly,

    Thanks for add me on the beta testers list, i will wait when the app is released Kelly
    and soon i will update my Blog with pictures. It’s great that you have made this for
    us Kelly, again 73 to you and you’re family Kelly

    Regards from,

    Ap (19HS1055)

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