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Daily Archives: Feb 7, 2012 22:34

HamSphere February 2012 Newsletter

HamSphere February 2012 Newsletter is now out. Happy reading:



Busy busy day

OMG this day has been exhausting. Code code code emails emails emails.

I am very happy with my efforts today. Lots of work but all systems are go. Doing the final backups now. I use quadruple safety backups for HamSphere = Copies at four different locations. Can’t afford a Hard Disk failure with not updated backups.




Help desk / Ticket system

Dear Operators.

I have now installed a fully fledged support ticket system including a knowledge base. The following categories are supported:

  • Lost or Forgotten password
  • General Comments and Questions Basic operation
  • HamSphere on Windows
    – installing HamSphere in windows
    – audio problems in Windows
    – connecting problems in Windows
  • HamSphere on Mac
    – installing HamSphere on Mac
    – audio problems on Mac
    – connecting problems on Mac
  • HamSphere on Linux
    – installing HamSphere on Linux
    – audio errors in Linux
    – connecting problems in Linux
  • SSTV or CW issues
  • Bug Reports and Feature Requests
  • Error code in Transceiver

We will also move all information / documentation from the forum into the knowledge database for easier management and lookup.

URL: [www.hamsphere.com]

Users sending emails to support@hamsphere.com are automaticly assigned a ticket number and the message is stored in the support ticket system and assign to the appropriate support agent.

If you would like to work on the support team helping out on a specific topic you can email accounts@hamsphere.com. You can choose a specific area that you are comfortable with and only get support tickets regarding that specific topic. You will be able to assign tickets to other support team members if a question is “out of your league”.
Thank you
Regards Kelly

Barometer drops

Yikes! The WX has gone from super summer WX to pouring rain, thunderstorms, severe wind. My 14AVQ vertical is taking a massive battering as you can see. I’ll stay inside today. Barometric pressure QNH 998 hPa. All dams in Cyprus are flooded.

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