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Hello readers.

We are moving from Mesogi village to the next village called Tala both in Paphos region.
We are leaving the current property as of 7th of July for a holiday trip to Sweden and will get back to Cyprus and the new property in Tala on the 28th of July.

I will be QRV from Sweden with SM7NHC or SM0/5B4AIT over the holidays.


Android performance Fixes

Finally I found what caused the audio to be so gappy on TX.

First of all. All views need to be using SurfaceView with lowest Thread priority. Like this example below. The Band Scope monitor that was really draining all resources. So instead of extending View, you extend SurfaceView that implemements a callback feature.
The SurfaceView is an extension of the Android View object and it provides a set of functions to manually take control of the onDraw event that draws the things on the screen.

Basically I set up a worker thread that does the calculations and in that same thread I invoke the onDraw call.

public class ADFFTMonitor extends SurfaceView implements SurfaceHolder.Callback {

// Then start a worker Thread and pass the callback to the Thread.

_thread = new FFTThread(getHolder(), this);

// The override surfaceCreated and make the thread start when the object is created.

public void surfaceCreated(SurfaceHolder holder) {

class FFTThread extends Thread {

c = _surfaceHolder.lockCanvas();

// And most importantly, wait a lot to let the audio framwork work as much as possible.

try {
Thread.sleep(100); // sleep 100 ms
} catch (InterruptedException ie) {

First QSOs

Today I have made successful QSO from 5B4AIT/P via my Android Phone for test purposes.
Audio was reportedly crappy and gappy. This is due to the fact that the Android phone has very limited resources. I have been forced to rewrite some parts of the code to harness the power of the Samsung phone as well as the Android Ice Cream Sandvich 4.0 operating system.

Stations worked:


Android Development

Debugging ready

Hi. After like 2 days of debugging I could pinpoint the problem to a mutex variable that was accessed outside a mutex lock = memory violation and failure.

Say that you have  a MUTUAL EXCLUSIVE variable called rmut in a multi threaded environment

Before you do an operation you invike mutex_lock then you do some stuff and finally unlock the variable.


…do something clever …


I realized that I had forgotten to lock one memory area in the logon procedure resulting in memory violation error.

Servers have been up for almost 48 hours without any stops. I think I have solved it.






Debugging software. 6 servers monitor.

From top:

Chicago, Sweden 1, London, Australia, Iceland, Sweden 2

Servers online

Am currently running SE 1 and 2, IS, UK, US HamSphere servers

Database replication

Today I gave up the useless mysql master/slave ring replication. It is unstable and totally unpredicatable. If it syncs out it is a living hell getting it back in sync.
Currently I am using one master, but aiming for a master / master replication between 2 servers for redundancy and divide the access from the radio servers to these.


DXHC-Reward certificate ideas

The normal DXCC award is 100 countries, right…
So I was thinking doing the following.

DXHC, DX Hundred Club or DX HamSphere Club

25 verified countries = Bronze Award including a 1 month subscription
50 verified countries = Silver Award including a 3 months subscription
75 verified countries = Gold Award including a 6 months subscription
100 verified countries = Platinum Award (The real DXHC Award) including a 1 year subscription
150 verified countries = Diamond Award including a 2 years subscription

A verified QSO is when QSL cards has been fully exchanged.

Open for comments.


DXHC-Reward certificate

Greetings blog readers!

It has been some time since I updated the blog. Since my last update we have released the April 2012 newsletter and started testing multi-path propagation on HamSphere. You can try this mode on the SE server using the 40 meter band.

Other things in the works: Completion and securing the server platform including database replication. Also we are still working to get the new master server fully operational.

Interesting upcoming projects: Currently I am also working on on a DXHC-Reward certificate (DX HamSphere Club). Operators will be automatically issued Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platina awards depending on the number of worked countries (Fully Verified via QSL cards) when they have reached the targets. There might also be other benefits like extended subscriptions etc for DX achievements.


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